Social Development Programs

“Every nation and economy needs to address as much of the fundamental requirements for its citizens to achieve a meaningful life, as their situation permits. How to not duplicate what is already being done, while creating mechanisms for identifying needs, and executing programs and projects as feasible and as effective as possible, is the challenge. “

— A.S. Yap, BCYF Chairman

How Do We Develop Society?

There are many ways to develop society. In BCYF, we believe in focusing on the youth (ages 13-39 years) who comprise more than half of the population in Asia.

While they undergo their own process of personal development, the youth can be honed to be more effective contributors to society if they engage in continuous learning, volunteerism, and get involved in projects.

From there, we aim to develop volunteers with a purpose — individuals who make citizenship, sustainability and social responsibility a lifestyle (CSR 3.0) anchored on ethical conduct and human value. All are also charged to live with faith, hope, charity and community.

All are challenged to be Social Businessmen or Social Entrepreneurs who build enterprises, or who work, with a social objective. These activities practice corporate philanthropy (CSR 1.0), transformative CSR (CSR 2.0) and can become multipliers of social progress and development.

Collectively, when many individuals Make CSR 3.0 a lifestyle and live with a personal social responsibility commitment, we will have a flood of active citizens contributing to social development which will continuously build a better society.