We envision a better society in Asia (starting with ASEAN) that is built by citizens who contribute to social development and live a lifestyle of personal social responsibility (CSR 3.0).


Faith, Hope, Community, Volunteerism,Citizenship, Sustainability, Social Responsibility



Building innovative social solutions for the development of the citizenry, anchored on CSR 3.0 (Citizenship, Sustainability and Social Responsibility).


Nation-building through Personal Transformation


We believe in volunteerism with a purpose, youth development, education, and CSR3.0-based social enterprises and social businesses as the way to progress.

Our Inspirations

Archbishop Paciano B. Aniceto---Archdiocese of San Fernando

Abp. Paciano B. Aniceto, D.D.

(Archbishop-Emeritus, Archdiocese of San Fernando, Pampanga)

Archbishop has been a continuing source of strength and guidance for BCYF, as shown through the example of his life.

lilian sison

Dr. Lilian Sison

(Former Dean of the University of Santo Tomas Graduate School)

Dr. Sison was the one who suggested to the BCYF Founder, that academic research in CSR be done. This conversation resulted in the establishment of BCYF’s CSR Research Institute and the Philippine Conferences on Research in CSR.

JJ Moreno---BCYF Board Member

Jonathan Juan D.C. Moreno

(Good Governance Expert)

It was through JJ that our concept of CSR emphasized the importance Good Governance.

Prof. Francisco Roman Jr.---Executive Director, AIM Center for Social Responsibility

Francisco L. Roman, Jr., DBA

(Executive Director, AIM RVR Center for Social Responsibility)

Prof. Frankie formulated the definition of CSR as Citizenship, Sustainability and Social Responsibility, which was adopted by BCYF.

wayne Visser

Dr. Wayne Visser

(Founder, CSR International)

Dr. Visser pushed for the CSR movement in organizations to transition from Traditional CSR (CSR 1.0) to Transformative (CSR 2.0)


Thomas Thomas

(CEO of the ASEAN CSR Network)

Mr. Thomas was instrumental in providing the ASEAN perspective of CSR.

Rebecca Chunghee Kim Ph.D  - Professor and Management researcher, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University

Rebecca Chunghee-Kim

(Professor of Corporate Social Responsibility)

During the 3rd Philippine Conference on Research in CSR (September 2013), Prof. Kim affirmed in her research the importance of Human Value in CSR.

Angela Kang -- Founder, Global Competitiveness Empowerment Forum (GCEF)

Angela Kang

(Founder of the Global Competitiveness Empowerment Forum)

During the 4th Philippine Conference on Research in CSR (September 2014), Ms. Kang emphasized that CSR must enhance Human Dignity.

Our Angels


Catalino D. Yap Sr.

(March 9, 1911-May 24, 1993)

Catalino D. Yap Sr. organized a number of schools in 1945 whose main purpose was to give an opportunity for those without sufficient means to at least complete their high school education. He was a volunteer in both the education and sports fields having been the organizer of the Central Luzon Athletic Association and one of the Founding Governors of the Philippine Amateur Athletic Federation (now known as the Philippine Olympic Committee). He was a long time officer of the Private Schools Association of the Philippines and president for over 10 years of the Philippine Association for Private Schools Colleges and Universities. He was the longtime auditor and international judge of the Gymnastics Association of the Philippines while concurrently serving as auditor as the Basketball Association of the Philippines.

BCYF.IMG-PFL-YAP, Ed.D., Dr. Benita S.

Dr. Benita S. Yap

(January 12, 1925 – September 12, 2015)

Dr. Benita S. Yap was co-founder of the SACT College System and Honorary Chair of the BCY Foundation. Dr. Yap died last September 12, 2015. She remains an inspiring story of a quiet worker who served both the church and the community in many capacities. Generous with both her time and resources, she was easy to approach. She helped many complete their vocations. She ensured the familial atmosphere of organizations she was involved with, a reality which BCYF continually attempts to achieve.


Bro. Andrew Gonzalez, FSC

(February 29, 1940 – January 29, 2006)

A long time friend of the BCYF Founder, Bro. Andrew agreed to be the Founding Chairman of BCYF which he served until his death. That is why most of the meetings of the BCYF board in its infancy were at the board room of De La Salle University, and why the BCYF had instant acceptability as a serious organization in many circles. Bro. Andrew provided wisdom and guidance to the BCYF Founder, which was invaluable in ensuring that the path chosen was consistent with realities, resources, and the state of development in the Philippines and in the region.


Gov. Mariano Un Ocampo III

(February 2, 1934 – August 16, 2015)

When Bro. Andrew died, the BCYF Founder and First President assumed the role of Chairman, Mar Ocampo agreed to take over as president and be the partner of the new chairman in continuing the Foundation’s search for a mission and an approach consistent with its vision of having human dignity as the centerpiece of activities in CSR. BCYF started with projects in sports, education, and institution building for its first decade. In time, these efforts and a fortuitous meeting with Dr. Lilian Sison of the UST Graduate School would lead to this concept of CSR 3.0, a development which JJ Moreno and Dr. Wayne Visser helped complete. Mar Ocampo held the fort while the BCYF Founder negotiated arrangements with various individuals and organizations towards this dream of “Personal Social Responsibility” being the base of good works.


Atty. Lamberto C. Dizon

(April 16, 1937 – February 28, 2017)

Atty. Dizon was an important figure in BCYF, and a close personal friend of BCYF Founder and Chairman, Mr. Tony Yap.

It was Atty. Dizon who suggested that Mr. Yap honor his late father, Catalino D. Yap through an awards program for teachers, that became the Dalubhasang Tanglaw Awards. It ran for over a dozen years and morphed into the Search for Hometown Heroes.

When Mr. Yap decided to create the Catalino D. Yap Foundation (now known as the Benita and Catalino Yap Foundation), Atty. Dizon was there together with Bro. Andrew Gonzalez(+), Atty. Jun Salvador and Mariano Un Ocampo III (+).

Atty. Dizon was a high school graduate of St. Anthony College of Technology (the school system where BCYF belongs to) and valedictorian, Class of 1955.