BCYF Social Enterprise Development Program

A Social Enterprise is any organization that uses business to help society

— Defining Social Enterprise (BCYF, 2015)

Why Social Enterprise?

As our Social Development Model suggests, social enterprises comprise the types of players that contribute to the development of society.

Social Enterprises can be effective multipliers of social progress. They are businesses that have integrated a social objective in their operations.

Qualities of a Social Enterprise

Enterprise must have an a priori commitment to a particular social objective.

The social objective must be measurable.

The social objective must be integrated in its cost of doing business or cost of goods / services.

Has a sustainable and continuous source of cash flow

Developmental Social Enterprise (DSE)

This definition was the basis for our main Social Enterprise Award — the Developmental Social Enterprise Award which was launched in 2015 with PwC Philippines.

In this Award, we also emphasized the word “developmental”, which means that a Social Enterprise has a willingness and potential to scale, yet it needs some more support to reach a bigger level of asset size.

More more information, check out www.dseawards.com


BCYF Social Enterprise World

Events, Programs and initiatives under BCYF’s Social Enterprise Development Program

Microfinance Roundtable Summit

National Social Business Roundtable Summit

Social Enterprise Roundtables

Developmental Social Enterprise Awards

Gamechangers Conference

Gamechanger Nights

University Social Enterprise Council (USEC)

Business and Social Innovation Council (BASIC)


Innovation and Social Enterprse Compact (InSECt)

EntrepsBuild Camps

BCYF Innovation Awards

Academy for Social Enterprise Training

Gabay Bayan Program